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The Anti-Doping Podcast

Jun 6, 2023

Mike Earl is Director of Anti-Doping and Game Equipment at World Rugby. In this episode, we talk more about Mike’s career in anti-doping, the components of World Rugby's Anti-Doping programme, current challenges, key partnerships, and focus areas for the organization going forward.

May 16, 2023

Dr. Christophe Stove is a faculty member in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Director of the Laboratory of Toxicology at Ghent University. In this interview, he shares more about his career and his research on blood microsampling for anti-doping, including advances in microsampling approaches and strategies for addressing...

May 2, 2023

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) is a Founding Member of the Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) and has supported anti-doping research and innovation for 15 years through this valuable partnership. In this episode Sarah Hirshland, Chief Executive Officer of the USOPC, tells us more about the USOPC,...

Apr 18, 2023

Travis Tygart is Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), and he has held this position since 2007. USADA is one of the Founding Members of the Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC), and Travis is an Emeritus Board of Governors Member of the PCC. In this interview, we talk more about USADA's...

Apr 4, 2023

John Travis is the Certified for Sport Technical Manager at NSF, and in this interview, we talk more about NSF, John’s research, and how he and his colleagues at NSF are working to protect clean sport through their certification programs and other efforts.